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Why I want to study at GenkiJACS

Samstag, Oktober 15th, 2016

Well, why do I want to study at GenkiJACS again?

I wanted to learn a new language. But one I’m really interested in, so I chose Japanese. And when trying to study on my own or with others, I have always failed so far. So you can imagine it was a bit frustrating for sure.

But then I started off with GenkiJACS, and after some time I discovered – the problem was not me and my learning ability, but the way how I trained this ability.

And – surprise! – I made progress. But since studying the Japanese language is taking much time, it was just a start.

So I thought – Now while being back home, it should be possible to keep up my studies with the help of evening classes. So as soon as I arrived home, I went straight to the office in my city to see where I could go. Well.. yeah, those people had some difficulties judging my level and providing the study books, so I was simply allowed to attend some courses to see where I would fit in.

Exactly what a journey this was going to be I couldn’t imagine.

The first class was way too easy, so I went straight to the next one, where people were far more ahead of me.. at least concerning their knowledge of grammar. It was my first attended lesson and with every minute passing by I felt I was in the wrong place – When this is the Japanese class, why is nobody speaking Japanese not even trying?, I wondered.

Of course, the teacher did talk a bit. But just this kind of rambling, when nobody is supposed to answer. And when students were supposed to read something or use the new grammar, the teacher spoke German and the students only some Japanese. But everything else.. questions, contexts – anything – …no Japanese at all. Nobody even tried to.

I realised, I don’t belong here. I can’t learn Japanese when nobody is speaking it, especially when nobody is ever really trying to speak it!

I had grown way too fond of the teaching methods by GenkiJACS. GenkiJACS had been my home for quite a time – I practically got homesick!

Not only that the teachers belong to the nicest, funniest and kindest people I ever met and that they’ve become some kind of family during my stay, it’s the way they teach, which in my opinion is simply the best.

First of all – you are forced to speak as much Japanese as you can. Even if it is just simple stuff, you will develop your abilities much more quicklier. And beware: You won’t get many translations into English! The reason why you learn new vocabulary with the help of picture cards, or new grammar by pantomime explanations, is that you will simply remember it. You won’t tend to translate back.

And big chance you will remember a lot of words and grammar just because of all the cute or funny little memories the teachers created. They know how to keep you on track, how to motivate you, how to make you enjoy your learning.

So the reason why I want to study at GenkIJACS again is simple. I do love the teaching methods, I can’t get along with any others. The teachers and school became my family. And I want to go home.



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